Quality  Fantasy Miniatures and  Wargaming Scenic's For 6mm. 

Soon to be releasedC

Dragon Knights more poses

Dragon Guard

Updated: January 2017

Coming soon to Perfect Six Miniaturs

Future projects

sign posts 
pill boxes
sand bags
baggage train stacks

Street lights

Work in progress


Rough stone wall set

​Street lights


pallets with load

Human Knights

Barbarian Warriors


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My Story

After looking for a hobby to keep my over active mind busy, I stumbled on 6mm Napoleonic miniatures, and found I had a talent for painting  these tiny little soldiers, after a short time as is my way I gave up and placed what I had painted on eBay! And they sold fast, I painted some more and again sold, then I was contacted by a customer and asked to paint some more as a commission. This soon led to the start of perfect six painting service, a painting service dedicated to 1/300th ,1/285 scale figures, I found diorama basing for this scale works well, in fact better then well it looks fantastic, and I found myself searching the internet for suppliers of 1/300th  quality scenic items, this is where my problems began scenic’s were few and far between and the quality and range was up and down to say the least, So I decided to start sculpting my own bits and they looked nice, from there in 2015 I had a couple of bits manufactured in white metal, And with just 6 product lines I started Perfect Six Scenic’s a dedicated 1/300th  scenic company. My aim is to make the range as large as 28mm scenic ranges, this will take time to achieve, and as my sculpting skills develop the complexity of the range will mature with me, from the first six products I hope to raise enough capital to develop and manufacture another batch and improve the range.

  In 2016 percfect six will start an adventure into 6mm fantasy miniatures in the most part sculpted by myself. like the scenics as the figure sale i will reinvest in more types and poses to grow the range almost a reverse kickstarter where the initail risk has been taken by myself and the customer reaps immediat rewards, hope you get on board.

If there is anything you have been looking for in 1/300th, 6mm and can’t find let me know I’m always interested in new lines.