Ammo Crates

part no:AMC1

Period: ww2 onwards


Descritpion:  20no ammo  crates  mixed

Price :£2.50

Battlefield Scenic's

Fortified Earth  Works

Part No:FEW1

Description:ww2 and beyond earthwork barricades or trench system 3 types of 30mm fortified earth works , comes with with 2 of each type Giving you 6 in total or a 180mm worth


Barricades 20mm
Part No: BRC20   


Scale: 1/300, 1/285,

Period: Medievel,black powder, ww1/2, fantasy.

Size:20mm wide.8mm depth.7mm height    

Description: Generic barricades  20mm 

Price:  pack of 4    £2.50

Barricades 30mm 
Part No: BRC30   

Scale: 1/300, 1/285,

Period: Medievel,black powder, ww1/2, fantasy.

Size :30mm.Wide.8mm depth.8mm height

Description: Generic barricades 

Price: Pack of 4,    £3.50

1/300,6mm scenic's to add detail to your battlefields, Hand sculpted and cast in white metal.

              20mm barricades

Sand Bags

Part No: SB1

Description: Generic sanbags, 1no Gun position, and 3 types of small sandbag positions to add to bases and scenic layouts, the pack consists of 3 of each type giving you 12no models.


Cannon Ball Stacks

part no: CNB1

Period: Black powder

Size:1/300 but slightly oversized to stand out on base would work with 10mm also

Descritpion:  stacks of cannon balls to add to artillery bases each pack will contain 20no stacks



Part No:GB1

Description: 6mm Gabions, for black powder defences, random mix of 20 gabions.

Price £2.50

Jerry Cans

part no:JC1

Period: ww2 onwards

Size:1/300,1/285, possibly 10mm

Descritpion:  20no jerry cans 

Price :£1.50

Dragon's Teeth

code :DT1

Description: 20 random dragons teeth

Price :£1.99

30mm barricades

Log Barricades

Part no: LB1

Description: Log barricades made to work in conjunction with the gabions or as a stand alone Barricade. pack of 9,3 of each size

Price: £2.50

Oil Drums

part no: OD1

Period: ww2 onwards.


Descritpion:  20no oil drums, sizes mixed

Price :£2.50

Concrete Barricade

Part No: CB1

Description: Generic concrete barricade for modern and sci-fi defences each barrier is 20mm wide the pack contains 6 in total.


stowage added to GHQ vehicles

stowage added to GHQ vehicles

Quality  Fantasy Miniatures and  Wargaming Scenic's For 6mm.