Highly detailed  miniatures, designed by perfect six miniatures and brought to life by some of the most talented sculpters available today.

In august 2018 we launched our first small range of 28mm miniatures  characters, launched via the kick-starter platform. successfully funding within the first 3 hours and over 130 sets sold worldwide, we now aim to grow this range over the next few years, bringing high quality original miniatures  to the RPG and tabletop Wargame hobby. 

The world we want to bring to life is based around our 6mm ranges,  a world of high magic and dark adventures. The Dragon Knights came to life in 2016 designed for 6mm to give the impression of huge fantasy armies locked in combat. The knights are a monastery based order of knights protecting the borders of the world of man constantly at war with the roaming orc tribes and ever vigilant of the dark forces beyond the mountains. 

  The back story behind these dark brooding knights was extensive if not published, and we wanted to get that out there, we decided we could release miniatures that work well with any role play and D&D style games, each with  a small backstory, helping us to add character and realism to the world.  We have already planned many more releases for our 28mm  miniature range including the fabled dragon knights. by backing us you are giving us the support and the funds work on our next project and expanding this range.

Free pack of mushrooms and books with every 28mm/32mm scale order 

28mm & 32mm Fantasy Miniatures