Quality  Fantasy Miniatures and  Wargaming Scenic's For 6mm. 


6x Hero Character                    1x Self Contained Dungeon set  consisting of 4x cross sections 4x L corners 4x T junctions

1x Orc Warboss                            6x Straight sections 4x Rooms 1x Large Boss room   20x conectors 20x dead end tidies         

1x Orc shaman                         1x A5 Rule Book and Character sheets

1x Troll                                      2x Dice

2x Orc archer                           20x Round Figure Bases

2x Orc Spearmen    

4x Orc warriors 2no poses

4x Orc Brutes 2no poses

12x spiders and rats 6x each

Pocket Quest   


 Price £35

Release Date: Now Available

C&C Games in conjunction with Perfect6 Miniatures & The Miniature Architect 2016

Pocketquest, is an upcoming new game by C&C games in tandem with both Perfect6 Miniatures and
The Miniature Architect.
The game is for between 1-7 players, and sees the players take control of their heroes as they
plunder their way through a monster infested dungeon. Alternatively take control of the evil
dungeon master and try to stop the heroes getting away with your treasure.
Will you survive to see another day, will you emerge laden with gold and magical items, or will your
bones litter the underground lair of your enemies.
The game consists of a multi part game board which allows for you to set up the board in numerous
combinations, and comes with miniatures, the rules, dice, bases and some scenic pieces, everything

you need to play baring a pencil.