​Quality Hand sculpted 6mm Fantasy Miniatures cast in white metal.

Over the coming months/years I will be introducing a new range of 1/300th, 6mm scale fantasy miniatures. For the most part i will be sculpting these myself with the addition of some commissions from talented sculptors such as Martin Baker.  My aim is to produce a range with as many poses and types as I can manage and as my experience grows in miniature sculpting so will the complexity of the range. Like my scenic range, Scenics Home, i will try and offer high detail miniatures at affordable prices. This is not a quick project and will take me some time to complete. My first release of orcs and some adventurers for skirmish and dungeon crawler games will be released early 2016, the next wave will add to the orc range, then i will move on to another army.  I hope to have at least two complete armies released this year with a lot of poses and types. Watch this space for updates or contact me here Contact  , 

In august 2018 we launched our first small range of 28mm  miniatures, launched via the kick-starter platform. successfully funding within the first 3 hours and over 130 sets sold worldwide, we now aim to grow this range over the next few years, bringing high quality original miniatures  to the RPG and tabletop Wargame hobby. 

      Warlords And  Realms