6MM Orc Steam Tank OST1

Multipart kit assembly Required

1no steam tank

£1.99 per tank

orc boar rider

6mm Orc Chariot OC1

1 no chariot 2no boars 1 no orc driver

the chariot can accomadate a passenger

£1.50 Per pack

6mm forest trolls  FGT1

2 x each pose

£2.25 per pack

6mm Orc Warrior/Brutes OCWB1

5 x each pose 10 Figures

£1.40 per pack


1no figure per pack

Sculpted by richard novis, this figure is packed with detail and is one of my best sculpts to date


6mm orc stone lobba OSL1

Multi part kit complete with troll loader and ork spearmen Assembly required.

Sculpted by Richard Novis

£3.99 each

Ork Lobba Battery 3no OSL2


1/300th,6mm scale Orcs and Allies,all figures come individually based and are cast in pewter,All figures supplied unpainted

6mm Orc Archer OCA1

10 x Figures

£1.40 per pack

6mm Orc Troll Rock Throwers TRT1

2x Each Pose 4 Figures

£1.50 per pack

6mm Orc Boulder Golems+herder OBG1

3no boulder golums 1no herder

£1.50 Per pack

6mm Orc Warrior OCW1

5 x Each pose 10 Figures

£1.40 per pack

6mm Ancient Rock Golem ARG1

1 X Ancient rock golem 26mm high sculpted by Richard Novis

£4.99 each

6mm Black Orc  BOC1

Larger then normal orcs

8 x Figures

£1.40 per pack

6mm Orc Trolls OCT1

2 x Each Pose 4 Figures

£1.50 per pack

6mm Orc Wyvern OW1

Multipart kit assembly reuired

1no wyvern

sculpted by Martin Baker

£6.99 each

6mm Orc Boar Riders OBR1

5 x Figures

£1.50 per pack

6mm ork Giant  GIA1

1x Giant 30mm

Sculpted By Richard Novis

£4.99 each

6mm Orc Spearmen  OCS1

10 x figures

£1.40 per pack

6MM ork steam tank battle group.ORTBG1

for scifi mass battles

3no steam tanks               


6mm ork Boar rider OBR2

5 miniatures

£1.50 per pack

6mm Orc Warriors OCW2

5x Each Pose  10 Figures

£1.40 per pack

Realm of Orcs

6mm Rock Golems RG1

2 x Each pose 4 Figures

£2.25 per pack

6mm Orc Command  OCC1

2 x Warlord   2 x Shaman

2 x Drummer 2 x Standard Bearer

£1.99 Per pack