6mm Orc Trolls OCT1

2 x Each Pose 4 Figures

£1.25 per pack

6mm Rock Golems RG1

2 x Each pose 4 Figures

£1.50per pack

orc boar rider


1no figure per pack

Sculpted by richard novis, this figure is packed with detail and is one of my best sculpts to date


1/300th,6mm scale Orcs and Allies,all figures come individually based and are cast in pewter,All figures supplied unpainted

6mm Black Orc  BOC1

Larger then normal orcs

8 x Figures

£1.25 per pack

Realm of Orcs

6mm Orc Warrior/Brutes OCWB1

5 x each pose 10 Figures

£1.25 per pack

6mm ork Giant  GIA1

1x Giant 30mm

Sculpted By Richard Novis


6mm Orc Warrior OCW1

5 x Each pose 10 Figures

£1.25 per pack

6MM Orc Steam Tank OST1

Multipart kit assembly Required

1no steam tank

£3.99 per tank

6mm Orc Boar Riders OBR1

5 x Figures

£1.25 per pack

6mm Orc Spearmen  OCS1

10 x figures

£1.25 per pack

6mm Orc Wyvern OW1

Multipart kit assembly reuired

1no wyvern

sculpted by Martin Baker

£6.99 each

6mm Orc Boulder Golems+herder OBG1

3no boulder golums 1no herder

£1.25 Per pack

6MM ork steam tank battle group.ORTBG1

for scifi mass battles

3no steam tanks                Special offer less 25%

£11 per pack Now only £8.25

6mm ork Boar rider OBR2

5 miniatures

£1.25 per pack

6mm Orc Warriors OCW2

5x Each Pose  10 Figures

£1.25 per pack

6mm Orc Archer OCA1

10 x Figures

£1.25 per pack

6mm Orc Chariot OC1

1 no chariot 2no boars 1 no orc driver

the chariot can accomadate a passenger

£1.25 Per pack

6mm forest trolls  FGT1

2 x each pose

£1.90 per pack

6mm Orc Troll Rock Throwers TRT1

2x Each Pose 4 Figures

£1.25 per pack

Quality  Fantasy Miniatures and  Wargaming Scenic's For 6mm. 

6mm Orc Command  OCC1

2 x Warlord   2 x Shaman

2 x Drummer 2 x Standard Bearer

£1.50Per pack

6mm orc stone lobba OSL1

Multi part kit complete with troll loader and ork spearmen Assembly required.

Sculpted by Richard Novis

£3.99 each

Ork Lobba Battery 3no OSL2


6mm Ancient Rock Golem ARG1

1 X Ancient rock golem 26mm high sculpted by Richard Novis

£4.99 each