Cart Horse

part No:CH1

Scale:6mm 1/300

Content:4no cart horses

Price £1.20

Black Powder Civilians

Part No: BPC1

Description: 6mm,1/300 civilians for black powder era sculpted by martin baker and richard novis 

Content: 10no civilians 2 lady with broom,2 lady with bucket ,2 farmer with cain,2 farmer digging,2 farmer walking

Price: £2


Part No: PG1

Content:5no pigs

Price: £1.20

Farmer 1

Part No: FM1

Scale:6mm 1/300

Content:3no farmers

Price: 75p

Woof Border Collie Dog

Part No:BCD1


Content:3no Dogs

Price: 75p

Bahhhh Sheep

Part No:SH1

Scale:6mm, 1/300

Content:5no sheep

Moooo Cow  

Part No:COW1

Scale:6mm 1/300th

Content:4no cows



Part No:HRS1

scale:6mm 1/300th

Content: 4no horses

Price: £1.20

 Living scenics will be home to 1/300th  6mm scale Animals and people, to add even more detail to wargame Battlefield or diorama, all items have been sculpted by a talented team ,martin baker, richard novis (perfect six) .the range will exspand in time to enclude a large range of civilians and animals covering all periods and locations.

Living Scenics

Ancient Farmers

Part no: ANF1

​a set of  6mm farmers for ancient times 

Content: 6 farmers 2 of each type

Price: £1.50


Part no: wv1

Content:  6 no wolves per pack

​Price: £1.20