The Realm Of The Dragon 

Background stories and maps to help bring our world to life, allowing you plan your games with either huge 6mm armies or smaller more in depth 28mm role play games

“The dawn broke, hope was gone, the last of us stood waiting for their final charge, then from the south they came bringing the gods of death in their wake, our savours the Dragon Lords and the Knights of the Dragon took to the field “

The dark tide war circa 1256 unknown author


The Realm

The dragon knight realm is full of deep magic and epic adventure, where the forces of the dark gods forever try to break the will of man.  Every corner of this northerly border region is fraught with danger and dark deeds, every major invasion from the dark forces have come through this region into the realm of man, the great dragon lords in there wisdom decided to fortify the borderlands with huge monastery forts and the dragon knights were born, defenders of the north protecting the lands of  humankind, many of these monastery’s now lay abandoned only few still stand steadfast against the forever lurking evil awaiting their demise,  beyond the mountains lay the dark lands were evil grows in power daily constantly sending forth armies and raiding parties into the dragon knight realm, constantly testing there resolve , the forests and woodlands of the border realm are home to dark creatures being sustained by the evil beyond the mountains and with ever increasing confidence their presence is being felt. There are few towns and farms in this region most are located in around the dragon knight battle monasteries and even these are heavily fortified and guarded by the dragon guard.


The Dragon Knights

Brought together to defend the northeast borders of the realm of man held together by the great lord Sigismund last of the dragon lords. And keeper of the black dragon ashram. All knights are trained from infancy in all forms of combat, serving 10 years in the dragon guard, before attempting the trial of the night, where they are sent into the mountains with just a dagger and are only to return once they have killed foe worthy of a knight. The knightly order employs wizards and mages of all types and abilities in the defence of mankind and the dragon priests stand at their side in every major battle using their abilities in healing and combat to boaster the knights in battle. This once unstoppable force is slowly withering the realms of man only sending token gesture of infants to the north for training, believing the knights are no longer needed as there lands have been safe for so long, they are wrong!


Lord Sigismund

 Sigismund the last remaining  of the dragon lords, the last born of this once proud race, sadly tainted by a magic so dark that there kind slowly withered and died . knowing there kind was dying they employed the help of 6 battle mages to bestow the last remaining dragon lords  soul force into Sigismund giving him a lifespan far exceeding any mortal man. Already rumoured to be over 400 years old. Sigismund is the last hope for the future of mankind, With his birth companion the black dragon ashmar bestowed to him as an egg at birth as is the way of the dragon lords, they stand as one on the battlefield titans of a dark age, 

Sigismund does have an adopted daughter Bronwyn found as baby abandoned in a ruined monastery, he was lead to her by vision and has forever kept her by his side training her in combat and the art of politics, only the dragon lord knows her secret and what part she has to play in the future of mankind.